Writing and creating content for Form Resilience serves as my contemplative abode, whereby I can funnel my dualistic passion for art & science. However, like any writer, writing becomes the sealant between the tiles of life’s tappestry. Whether waiting in a car during my son’s football practice or when my family are all asleep, these are the moments currently available to me.

If you would like to provide a stimulus to grow Form Resilience into what it could become; there soon will be ways to express your support. The current idea is to establish Form Resilience as a not-for-profit organisation, that will affiliate with other key charity organisations. The proceeds from content sponsorship and membership will cover hosting costs and associated content creation costs (guest authors and artists from developing nations will be paid for their content), with the reminder of proceeds going towards affiliated charities.

In the interim there will be ways to help support the creative projects through ways such as; Form Resilience patreon or via the coil web monetization feature on this site.

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